CS 1.6

SURVIVE — is the last movie on the game " Counter-Strike 1.6"
BY / ABOUT — Vyacheslav sT1k Moskalenko


MUSIC: Vacant and Aether x Pensees

I want to express special thanks to Sh0tt and uNder.
I thank everyone who watched me all these years, I left, but not forever, when once I was dragged into the game sphere again, but it seems to me that this will not be exactly what it was before. Thanks to everyone, bye. 10/10/17

DOWNLOAD: dropmefiles.com/wdC2R 2.5Г Sorry(

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  • sT1k10.10.2017, 17:32#
    Всем спасибо. Всем пока!
    • MNXA13.10.2017, 10:42#
      Хорошее видео. Качество, эффекты, фраги — все на уровне… Жаль, что последняя работа.
  • markiza319927.11.2017, 15:02#
    классно вышло, отлично играешь и классные мувики)

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